Pat The Dog | Dog Training


Pat the Dog offers full service dog training for you and your canine companion.

Our Program

Pat the Dog uses an innovative pet program designed and created by owner, Pat Caracciolo. This program was developed using the same positive reinforcement training techniques developed with marine mammals. The program is created specifically for the pet owner.

Dog training programs include:

  • Scheduled Private Lessons with your pet either while boarding at “Pat the Dog” or in-home
  • Socialization in Group or Private Setting
  • Behavior Issues can be addressed, such as: aggression, biting, fighting, destructive behavior

What will you and your dog learn:

  • House manners
  • A management plan called H.E.L.P.E.R.
  • Basic Commands: sit, stay, come, leave it, go to your bed
  • Greeting strangers
  • Walk on loose leash without pulling
  • Socialization techniques